to Papillons, a unique place where we use our expertise in sustainable development to nurture the projects of the future.

Our vision

To shape a future where sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the heart of every solution we develop.

Our missions

  • To build material solutions that tackle the challenges of the world of tomorrow: we are committed to executing substantial projects to carry out the green transition.
  • To offer our expertise to businesses and organizations concerned with their environmental impact and guide them in developing responsible projects.
  • To combine conventional methods with innovative approaches to generate financial and ecosystem-based benefits.

Our Fields of Expertise

Sustainable mobility

We are a stakeholder who is committed to sustainable mobility, developing transportation solutions that aim to reduce our carbon footprint while improving our quality of life.

Engaging communication

We excel in organizing major mobilization campaigns, using our authentic communications skills to promote important causes.

Funding for sustainable projects

Thanks to our experience in partner search, financing, and compliance unit and carbon credit management, our savoir-faire extends to the funding of large-scale sustainable projects.

Do you have a sustainable project you dream of bringing to fruition?
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your project.